About Us

I am a professional coach, personal trainer and Full Contact Martial Artist, and I am here to help you transform your health. My program will see you crush your excess weight and rejuvenate your health by rewiring your relationship with food and bringing deliciousness back into your life.

From age 7 to 29 I have always been a very active in Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Athletics, Running, Rugby, name it and I competed in it, except Cricket, I don’t like Cricket. From age 29 I spent most of my time advancing my career and less time being active and around the ripe old age of 35 I stopped doing any physical activity.

In 2012 (at the age of 35) we relocated to New Zealand. As my job required hours of commuting and sitting at a desk, I started gaining weight rapidly and I ended up with a weight of 145kg in 2016. During this time I needed some additional life insurance and had some tests done for the additional cover only to found my cholesterol was through the roof, as well as I had high blood pressure and an underperforming thyroid.

One morning in April 2016, I woke up feeling totally numb on my left side, my whole left side of my face did not work at all, I thought I am having a stroke but was eventually diagnosed with Bells Palsy. To add injury to insult, in 2017, I slipped off the stairs at work and sprained my ankle. This resulted in me being off my feet for about three months.

In 2017 a friend introduced me to RMR & Keto. I decided to gave it a go and lost 10kg in three weeks, without any exercise. I was feeling great. We cleaned out all the bad foods and replaced them with good foods. Just as I was getting a bit healthier and lighter, I had to be back at work and back in the rat race, I regained all my weight and fell off the wagon.

In January 2018 as a family, we decided to move to Auckland and have a total change to our health and lifestyle. Banting at 100% I have lost all the excess weight and obtained my goal of 95kg.

Having all the T-Shirts on gaining and losing weight, being active and being lazy, I am sure I can help spread the word and help others like me to Decide, Commit & Succeed in living a healthier and fitter lifestyle and that is why I started MakeOver4Life.

What I’m saying is, life is good at throwing obstacles in the way of noble goals. When you work with me, I will use your greatest obstacles to fuel your hunger for greatness.